"... promoting health and emotional wellbeing."


Leaf Rain Vicki Marston, Self Development, provide a 
range of services for individuals groups and organisations to promote health and emotional wellbeing. "Our focus is on promoting wellness with the premise that good health is our natural state. We work with you to carry out a detailed assessment taking into account lifestyle, stress levels and management, nutrition, the way you think, sleep quality/quantity, movement, what you want to achieve and how to help you get there." Please visit our Events page for forthcoming workshops and our Online Shop to secure a place.

There are no quick fix solutions to deeply entrenched habits, patterns and conditioning. However most people feel that after just one or two sessions they are more confident and focussed in their ability to find a way forward.

Change comes through focussed attention. In fact whatever you focus your attention on will grow, so its vitally important to be aware of your thoughts as these unconsciously dictate behaviour. It is estimated that at least 80% of thoughts are out of conscious awareness which makes you realise why we tend to follow and repeat the same patterns in relationships and life over-and-over again.

Vicki Marston is an experienced therapist, educator and healing facilitator having worked within mental health services for the NHS, higher education and general practice before becoming an independent practitioner 17 years ago. Vicki has a practice in Oadby, and a beautiful purpose built studio space, for groups and one to one's in Knighton, Leicester.