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I feel embarrassed talking to a stranger!
The benefits of talking to a trained, skilled and experienced therapist are that you will be able to explore areas of your life and relationships in complete confidence without being judged. You will have the space to consider the impact of early experiences and to change the way that you think about and react to situations and people. Very often we find ourselves on a merry go round of experiences repeating old patterns time and again. This process can give you the opportunity to break that pattern and cycle once and for all.

Do I need to talk?
Some talking is usually helpful and can give opportunities for insight which is essential to help you move forward, however you may be feeling that things are too raw or that emotions are too close to the surface and need to simply 'be'. If this is the case a session of bodywork or energy healing/balancing may be a gentler way to begin.

How can bodywork help me?
Massage is a wonderful healing tool and a great way to get in touch with yourself. During a massage the physical body becomes relaxed allowing muscles to soften and blood and oxygen flow to increase into the tissues reaching every single cell. Breathing will calm and slow down and in turn the mind will begin to settle becoming less busy. Heart rate and blood pressure reduce during a massage and the immune system also gets a boost. People often report a sense of relaxation and an increased sense of confidence and self worth. Massage works on many different levels, it can help you to understand and get to know yourself better.

What is relaxation?
True relaxation is a skill which we have largely forgotten. It is a time of rest and deep stillness for the mind and body in which our normal activities cease and yet we are fully conscious and aware of what is going on around us, it is therefore different to sleep.  Often people think they are relaxing watching television or gardening etc. These activities may have elements of relaxation, or indeed help you to achieve relaxation, however they are different in that there are always outside stimuli tempting the mind to react. Relaxation is letting go of those outside stimuli and journeying deep inside ourselves, doing nothing else at all. These periods of stillness will energise the mind and body, improve focus and concentration, allow you to get to know yourself, and are an excellent antidote to stress.

What is Self Development?
Self Development  covers a wide range of things but essentially it is an opportunity to explore who you are, what you want and to identify the obstacles and barriers that are blocking you from creating the life which you are intended to live. One of the biggest obstacles to life are self limiting beliefs, these are often rooted in early childhood experiences. By giving yourself the opportunity to identify blocks, you bring them into awareness, this may be all that is needed, or you may need to adopt new behaviours, new ways of thinking and new ways of being. It may also mean learning new skills such as becoming more assertive, learning to stand up for yourself and to express strong feelings confidently and safely. There are many benefits to investing in your Self, it can increase confidence and self esteem, lead to better physical health and the reduction in symptoms, lead to a greater sense of self worth and purpose and lead to an ability to live life more fully, at peace with yourself.

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