"... promoting health and emotional wellbeing."

Vicki Marston is a health and wellness practitioner, mental health educator and consultant. A lifelong advocate for prevention in the world of healthcare and personal responsibility, Vicki was strongly influenced by the work of Dr Deepak Chopra whilst working as an Occupational Therapist in Psychiatric services in the 1980's with the NHS. "As a young person I was struggling to understand why we were simply patching people in crisis up, rather than enabling them to get to the root cause of the problem and addressing the issues which had led to them being unwell in the first place. When I read Creating health, I realised that health is our natural state, that illness and disease arise when we are out of balance. This realisation took me on a long journey to where I am today with an independent practice enabling people to be who they are. I use a wide range of healing modalities including talking therapies, bodywork, breathwork, yoga, meditation, nutrition, flower essences and energy healing.

"Self Development has always been an integral part to my life both personally and professionally. Every day I spend time in meditation, on my yoga mat, exploring my inner world, reading, networking, researching and connecting. 

Vicki offers one to one, and small group workshops, under the umbrella of Self Development.

The focus of my work is wellness and health promotion. It never made any sense to me to spend the bulk of the health care budget on treatment when so much illness and disease can be prevented with simple changes and modifications to lifestyle, the right information, self  care, guidance and increased self awareness. 

Please see events page for details of courses and workshops for 2019.

- Each personalised session may include:
- Talking and active listening in a confidential safe space
- Body and breath work
- Nutrition and lifestyle information/advice

- Energy Healing

- Exploring and developing strategies and techniques for reducing stress and changing the way you react 
- Opportunity to explore relationships


To contact Vicki for an informal chat, please call: 0798 505 6574