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Every year mental ill health costs employers billions of pounds in lost productivity recruitment and absence. The average number of sick days per year is seven, this doubles in the case of mental health issues and is largely due to the effects of chronic stress, anxiety and depression.

  • The highest rates for mental ill health are in managerial and professional occupations
  • Rates are higher for women than for men
  • Rates are higher for people aged 35 - 54
  • Industries reporting the highest rates in the last three years are:
  • Health
  • Social work
  • Education
  • Public administration

Occupations that reported the highest rates of work related stress in the last three years are:

  • Health workers
  • Social services managers
  • Teachers
  • Social welfare professionals

It is not possible to avoid stress, and in the short term effects can usually be managed and reversed. Problems arise as a result of long term poorly managed or unmanaged stress which quickly leads to a range of physical symptoms progressing to emotional and psychological difficulties affecting a persons overall ability to function.

We offer a range of services from prevention to treatment and rehabilitation for depression, anxiety and stress related disorders.

Services available:

  • Workplace risk assessment
  • Individual assessment and treatment planning for at risk employees
  • Rehabilitation programmes for employees unable to work
  • Awareness raising workshops and tailor made training programmes for your organisation including:

How to recognise and manage stress

Let's talk about it - encouraging positive communication around mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Relaxation skills for living - learn to relax the body and the mind. Simple and highly effective tools for reducing physical and emotional stress and tension. Techniques for relaxed breathing, body awareness and for changing negative and unhelpful thought patterns.

Meditation - The benefits of meditation are well documented, this session teaches the basic skills and discipline required to begin regular independent meditation practice.


The key to effective stress management is understanding how and why it occurs and a clear and reasoned response to take positive action for change.

Most situations of long term emotional ill health sickness absence can be avoided.

Early recognition, intervention and treatment are essential to minimise the impact of staff illness, absence, productivity and the health and wealth of the company or organisation.

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